The last three weeks

After everything that’s happened since the move, the only conclusion I can come to is that devious people are the only ones who will ever get justice. Everybody else, including junk like me will only get injustice delivered to us.

Take it as the new gospel. If you are fighting injustice, prepare for nothing to ever go right. Unless you have a big bank account, and/or know the code words to say the right thing when your life is in complete meltdown.

Psalm 94 is a good read to understand some of this. The fact that there is no longer any restraint against evil will hopefully take care of the rest.

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Has There Ever Been A Worse UK Government Than This?

Don’t leave. Stay, and win arguments, but choose intelligent people to have them with.

Peter Reynolds

I am a member of the Conservative Party – just.  My annual subscription is due and I feel physically sick at the prospect of doing anything that is supportive of the appalling collection of third and fourth rates that presently sit round the cabinet table.

The Conservative Party has Lost Its Way. We Need To Get Back To Being Tories.

We need to re-focus on our fundamental principles: individual liberty, individual responsibility, small government, free markets, evidence-based policy and a benevolent, responsible, one-nation approach.

Let’s face it, we’ve had a privileged toff, little more than a ponce on the nation, who from his position of wealth found it very easy to impose austerity on people with whom he was totally out-of-touch. Throughout his political career he vacillated and dithered on policy because he has no principles except self-advancement.  Now we have some fake Tory, an authoritarian bureaucrat with big government…

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The End.

This is Theresa May’s Britain. She’s a Christian, don’t ya know.

Yeah. Right.

It could be you

So, we lost. We all lost. I can see this, but all I see around me are people desperately trying to find positives, of which there are many, rather than admit that we lost and that we now face five more years of cruel Tory imposed poverty and cuts to vital public services.

For me, this is the end of the line. The very end of the line. I have suffered for decades with mental health issues, arising from abuse in childhood and repeatedly been misdiagnosed and as a result mistreated. This has recently been acknowledged and they’ve told me to get off the medication that I’ve been pumped with for years as it isn’t doing me any good. Well fucking Duh! I’ve been telling you that for years and you’ve been denying me the psychiatric help that you now, finally, admit I need.

So, it looked like I’d fallen…

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Finally got a house move!

Well, a flat, really. Small rooms, but lovely and easy to furnish and live in. I’m looking forward to having no more trip hazards, or indoor steps! Just one small flight to get up to the place, which will be appreciated for exercise, especially when I get restless legs.

There’s a small, contained garden which all four tenants share. Only one or two people at the most keep the garden tidy and the grass cut. The lady I’m swapping with loves my big back garden as she has two dogs, so hopefully, she’ll be as happy to live here as I will, there.

I’m crossing the border from Norfolk to Suffolk, but that’s hardly a change, as some of the area I’m moving to still has Norfolk addresses. I wonder if it’s one o’them towns where I could cross the border either way and not know it! I would definitely find that funny.

Oh yeah 🙂 There’s a Baptist church in the High Street, so I’ll be hopefully looking in there on Sunday. Better find out their service times, aye 😀

So thank you, Norfolk for giving me and mine a place to live since 1974. I’ll be back, don’t you worry. There are too many places I love to leave them forever.

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Theresa May Tells Nurses They Are Lucky To Have A Job As She REFUSES To Lift 1% Pay Cap

Straight out of the book of James, and how the rich will end up. They do this to us now, and this woman calls herself a Christian. Well, my Heavenly Father is going to require an account from her, or she’ll see her need of repentance before it’s too late.

WAKE UP Theresa, and stop taking the Lord’s name in vain.


Today, on the 69th birthday of our National Health Service (NHS) the Prime Minister Theresa May took aim at frontline nurses in her responses to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions.

In response to Jeremy Corbyn’s questioning Theresa May praised the pay cap, citing issues with the Greek economy and the job losses in their health professions. A polite way of telling nurses that they should shut up, put up, and be grateful to be employed. This sentiment was echoed yesterday by David Cameron who called nurses ‘selfish’ for demanding a pay rise.

The public sector pay cap is causing a real shortage in the nursing profession, where the number of nurses and midwives has fallen by 1,783 according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. With UK hospitals at critical capacity, nurses and doctors are acting on good faith by working considerable overtime for free. However…

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Another Housing Scandal brewing?

2 Timothy 3, and other similar Scriptures…

History Briefing

Seems like Conservative controlled Kensington and Chelsea are trying move to the beleaguered former residents of Grenfell Towers out of the borough? Could this have anything to do with the fact they they lost the parliamentary seat by just twenty votes at the last election? Rehousing poor potential Labour voters outside the borough could make all the difference at the next election which may come much sooner than five years.

There is a murky history of Conservative controlled councils trying to rid themselves of poor people who are statistically less likely to vote conservative. Here’s a bit of the background.

Homes for Heroes, the first council house building programme started after the First World War with houses initially built by private developers for rent on the open market. Councils (the forerunners to today’s Local Authorities) gradually took on more of the building as a huge house building programme and…

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Food parcels gone in ten minutes, unhelpful Jobcentre staff. No surprise there sadly.

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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I arrived at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre as usual, and placed my bag in its usual place. I use it to carry our leaflets and anything else that might be required for…