Rejecting Jesus

Well worth remembering.

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

All three of the synoptic gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—recount the parable Jesus told about the landowner who rented out some property to a group of vine-growers. At harvest time he sent a servant to collect what was due him—likely a percentage of the proceeds.

Instead of paying up, the renters beat the servant and sent him away empty handed. The landowner sent another servant and another and more. Some, those vine-growers beat, some they even killed. At last the owner decided to send his son in hopes that the tenants would respect the son.

They didn’t.

Instead they thought they saw an opportunity. If they killed the son, they reasoned, the inheritance would be theirs.

The key points here are these: the people listening to Jesus tell this story, recognized themselves as the bad guys who killed the son; they also missed the part about what happened to the tenants…

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Revelation TV fined for Homophobia

We can discuss this all we like. In the end, if we say we have fellowship with the Lord, we had better be careful about ALL sin. Not just this one, which is a sin against your own body, but all sin. We have to turn away from it. Read John’s letters.

Yesterday we saw how politicians who pass laws which go against Christian social teaching and then promise that of course we will still be free to express disagreement are not to be trusted.  They are incapable of keeping that promise.

Today I want to show further where this is leading. I have been suggesting for some time that the acceptance of different social teachings to those Christian ones upon which our society has been built – would soon result in the Christian teachings being banned.  This was always vehemently denied.  Now – as we saw yesterday this is well under way.

A few years ago I did a debate on Revelation TV with Peter Tatchell.  When we travelled to Malaga to do the debate I wondered why they were based out there.  Part of the reason was the way that things were going in the UK meant that they foresaw…

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Sunday Sermon Notes: June 10, 2018

For safekeeping!


Title: The First Command of Christ

Text: Mark 1:16-20

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Mark 1:12-13

Parallel Texts: Matthew 4: 1-11; Luke 4:1-13

Jesus Returns to Galilee

Mark 1:14

Parallel Texts: Matthew 4:12; Luke 3:19-20; John 4:1-4

Jesus Teaches in Galilee

Mark 1:15

Parallel Texts: Matthew 4:17; Luke 4:14-15

Jesus Calls Disciples

Mark 1:16-20

Parallel Texts: Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11

I don’t know if you’ve been reading the verses I’ve listed above, but if you have, you can see just how pithy this gospel is. See where Matthew and Luke are by the end of this, while Mark has only written a few verses for these incidents? Matthew is well into chapter 4 and Luke is well into chapter 5 while Mark is not halfway through chapter 1! I keep having to remind myself that I’m covering Mark, and not the life of Jesus, so tempted am I to fill…

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1,000 years of peace

That’s what’s being taught, these days! Why? Because the alternative is just too frightening, so it’s hushed up with this false teaching – a thousand years of peace. Jesus Christ is going to return and bring His Kingdom to earth for that length of time.

Here’s why it can never bring me joy. First of all, He said: My kingdom is not of this world. Second, the thought that this world of chaos will be brought to a time of peace for a few years, and then, thrown back into chaos tells me of a god who does not know what he is doing. It’s as if we want someone to bring ‘peace’, but it can only last for 1,000 years. Then, god leaves, I think, with those who believe in him, and everyone else gets left in the original world.

I seriously do not know how anyone can read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, and get it wrong.

I do not understand why people refuse to believe 2 Peter 3, and everything our beloved Brother warns us about. I do not understand why people are not careful with Scripture because of everything Jude warns us about. I do not understand why I’ve NEVER heard anyone warn about, and teach from Mark 9:42-50.

It COULD be that those words are just too horrific, couldn’t it? Just too much. And so, we pretty it all up a bit to make it sound much more palatable. We talk about so-called Christians being taken away before trouble comes so that they won’t be troubled by it. Lemme tell ya sumpin: If you believe that, don’t you realise you should have left by now? Don’t you see all the trouble there is in the world? Don’t you see the ways Christians are being persecuted? Their time of suffering came a long time ago. Did they get taken away from their suffering? No, or they wouldn’t have suffered.

Don’t you see the news shocks about things dying in the sea and the land animals also dying? Have you never heard of the extreme storms they talk about? These storms are no longer extreme – they are becoming normal. Expected. I’d bet if we suddenly went a number of years not seeing one, people might wonder what had happened. They’d no doubt be extremely grateful, but they wouldn’t understand why suddenly, no more storms came to wash them out or blow their homes down. Nobody would get it. If it happened, it would be shocking.

So, if you should have left before all the trouble started, why are you still here? Why haven’t you gone?

STOP believing nonsense. Please. Stop it. I’ve had to depart from someone in the last few days who wanted to keep promoting false teaching. I’ve put up with it for as long as I was able. I had to put my foot down and stand for the Lord this time. False teaching is a lie, and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire. Be very scared of falling into false teaching. The way to avoid it is to go to the Lord with anything you don’t understand. If you have a good teacher in the church whom you trust, then go to him and get taught about what you don’t yet understand. God gives wisdom freely, so pray and ask for it. Better to have His wisdom than to have anything else. Teaching that makes you comfortable is probably very dangerous. You need to be spiritually on your guard at all times.

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You have to understand

Preaching should cover every instance of what it means to sin, and what to do about sin. It should NOT take one sin and preach on that to the devaluation of everything else. The Bible lists certain sins. All that we do against God will get us eternal death. The book of Revelation lists certain things that will keep people separated from God. To lie is as serious as any sexual sin. It brings eternal death.

To be a coward is also considered spiritually evil and will end in eternal death. We need to take every instance of sin listed and talked about in the Bible and treat it all as equally evil in God’s sight. He hates it all, and will eventually deal with it all.

Preaching should be balanced. There’s every need to teach about sin, but there is also every need to preach about forgiveness. There is forgiveness for everything we do. There is only ONE SIN that will NEVER be forgiven. That is the sin against the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that this sin is the one which can never be forgiven, either in this life, or in the next life. Every single other sin will be forgiven us if we ask the Lord to help us and teach us to hate our own sin and to turn from it.

That’s His promise. If we turn from our sin, we are forsaking it for His sake. That’s repentance, and it leads to eternal life.

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Terrible and frightening

This sermon, preached by John MacArthur speaks of a certain wrath sent by God on a people who have gone astray from His truth and promote unrighteousness. These are those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Read Romans 1.

I didn’t immediately agree that God puts a whole nation under His wrath because somehow, He must keep His Own people. The truth is, we who believe are kept by our belief and faith, that faith being God’s gift to us. (Ephesians 2:8).

When a government promotes such sin as John speaks of, we know we’ve lost our spiritual  security as a nation. When your government supports certain evils and promotes it all, they are teaching the country to do the same. They are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, Romans 1:18 Is it any wonder the Lord warned us all to stand firm in the last days? Is it any wonder He asked if He would find faith in the earth in such evil days? (Luke 18:8).

People hate God. That’s a fact, and I’ve seen it all the time I’ve believed, since October 2009. Certain comments prove it when people want to argue with Christians. But Christians need to know what they are arguing about. We are to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. Jude 3. We are not to fight the same as the world fights. Our weapons are spiritual. Not carnal. 2 Corinthians 10:4. When the Lord comes, He will fight with the sword that comes out of His mouth. Revelation 19:15.

I love that word ‘sword’. Take off the ‘s’ and you are left with ‘word’, which is exactly what the Lord will use to bring people down. His word is his sword. Heaven and earth will pass away. His word shall NEVER pass away. Matthew 24:35.

That’s enough from me for now. Here is the sermon.

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Treasure in heaven

I consider it a privilege to finally have a GP surgery I can go to, and actually have care offered. I treasure those people, because they act as their job titles describe. (This has also happened in the pharmacy across the street from the surgery). In the surgery, doctors are doctors; nurses are nurses, and you see it in their faces, as well as the things they do for their patients. I’m honoured that God allowed me to see such people.

Back in the old days, things were so bad, I truly believed I’d been blacklisted. You never say that lightly, or as a general complaint. When things happen constantly, and you’re constantly blocked from getting the help you’ve asked for, there’s something extremely wrong. And it is not government cuts that are doing it, it’s people’s attitudes. You do one thing, or the other when you take a job – you either want the job because you thoroughly enjoy, and are interested to work in a specialised field, or, you go with ulterior motives: “What can I get out of it?”

The second attitude does not work, because those who interact with you in your specialised field are constantly overlooked. That’s not the way things ought to be done!

When I opened this page just now, my intention was to draw your attention to something the Lord said: about storing your treasures in heaven, rather than on earth. Matthew 6:19-21

I’ve been diagnosed as having high blood pressure, and am taking medicine to help reduce it. Here’s the thing: Those wonderful folk in the surgery are trying to encourage me to take up a procedure that will hopefully ‘save my life’. It’s not funny, though, when none of them who work for the furtherance of “the body” have no faith in the God Who made it. I need to tell them all that when I die, it’ll only ever be to this world. My life goes on, as: The body is returned to the dust, and the spirit goes back to God, Who gave it.” (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

I’ve just had a fascinating, exciting read through 1 Corinthians. The most exciting bit was when Paul talks about the body after death. There’s quite a bit about that. It was also extremely encouraging to read about spiritual gifts. I’m one of those who believe the gifts are still alive, and should be used. Yes. All of them. If they were for the church then, we need them even more these days, as we need the same encouragement to stand firm in all circumstances, and we still need to encourage each other in the Lord, Who gave us these things.

Christianity, in its true form is living with a God Who is supernatural. If He is supernatural, then we also should act like, and have faith in, One Who encourages us to believe in what He’s taught us, shown us, and commanded us to do. We still need to earnestly desire the gifts as reported in 1 Corinthians. I’m all for that!

Anyway, to end: I thank my Father and my Saviour for such a gift as healthcare. I ask that You help me to overcome any of my own fears, and for me to speak, to plant a seed in the surgery which could encourage those who work there to seek the God Who gives eternal life. May there be others also who will water what I may sow. May this prayer, as many other prayers I’ve prayed recently, be answered in full.

Thank You, O God, my Father. It’s Your honour and Your glory which I seek. Amen.

By the way, I’ve seem miracles happen amongst my congregation in the past week. I won’t give names, but there’s a precious story covering three households. Each family sought the Lord in our troubles, and He heard and answered us. More in the next update! God bless and protect you all.

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