Why You and Your Church Should Avoid Partnering With the Salvation Army

I had no idea they went this far. They are all over television as professional beggars. How dreadful to see such things written of people who I always believed to be faithful.

The salvation issue is also used in a place I used to visit. Prayers are not necessarily answered just because you think God has led you somewhere. I prayed over 8 long years to find a church. The place I joined turned out to have left behind many instances of biblical truth and I was forced yet again to leave.

We are in dangerous times. If we are abandoned as far as faith is concerned, we’ll probably end up disobeying Scripture in not going anywhere because hardly anyone holds to the truth any more. Jesus said the wheat and the tares would grow together until the end. It may be that we just have to go somewhere in case there’s someone else who wants to live faithfully. If we are faithful towards the Lord, He may use us in His service to help other struggling believers. But we do have to prove ourselves faithful. May the Lord help us to be obedient and to stand firm, obeying what’s said in Hebrews 10.

Seth Dunn

As Christmas Day approaches, the familiar sight of the Salvation Army’s red kettles has once again appeared outside of retail outlets all over the United States. As Shoppers approach these stores to make their holiday purchases, Christmas gifts and Christmas dinners, the sound of ringing bells reminds them to share their blessings with the poor by donating to the Salvation Army. Accompany each Kettle bell is a representative of the Salvation Army: sometimes a hired worker and sometimes a volunteer donating his or her time. It is not uncommon to find an entire family giving up its time and standing out in the cold to help the Salvation Army raise money. Local churches often partner with the Salvation Army to provide a force of volunteer labor. Perhaps your church has led you to volunteer to serve the Salvation Army at Christmastime as an act of Christian charity.

If so, it…

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I’ve gotta be honest – this is not addressed to me! I’ve already made the huge mistake in believing a man who said he was a Christian, ended up being a bully and I was too stupid to do anything about it at the time. Truth? If you have a family who cares for you, listen to their advice. It’s probably worth hearing. If, like me, you have people who are nothing but bullies and have their own agenda, you’ll have no one to advise you, and any decision you make will be one of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Trust me. I’ve already done it, and now, if anyone ever came near me again, he’d get sent away with a loud command. I’m glad I’m too old to play this particular game any more, but if you are young and at the beginning of your adulthood, choose wisely, and may God grant you the wisdom to make better choices than I did.


Hello sister,

I just have this yearning to address you today. I don’t know if what I’m about to say really applies to you personally, but I’ll still try.
I notice things a lot, especially little things and as a brother, I can say it is with much love and concern that I say all these things to you today.
You know you are beautiful and kind, and godly and of a cheerful character, but it seems life doesn’t reward you for your goodness.
You have everything you need to lead a good life and God has blessed you with gifts and an inner peace and continous joy.

Yet, as you approach, or are now past, the age of marriage, you keep wondering why it seems the people who approach you are unserious brothers and game-players.
They come with their smiles and show of care and when you begin to…

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You know, it’s the saddest thing to see a group of believers who don’t know the truth of Scripture. If the truth isn’t preached or taught, no one can live in the true faith. For instance, if someone asks to be baptised, and they are given baptism straight away and are told, “You are not a Christian until you are baptised,” then they have not been told the truth. It’s like telling someone they have to be curcumcised before they can call themselves a believer. We all know what Paul had to say about that! (Read Romans 2)

There’s more to cover in this subject, but let’s take a little at a time.

God bless and keep you.

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Dearest Amazon Hacker…

Oh, I love it when people just do the right thing and write their thoughts on a subjec. Funny it should be this one. Guess what I got from Amazon this morning?:

Important Information Regarding Your Amazon.co.uk Account
10:46 11/21


We’re contacting you to let you know that our website inadvertently disclosed your name and email address due to a technical error. The issue has been fixed. This is not a result of anything you have done, and there is no need for you to change your password or take any other action.


Customer Service Department

Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that can’t accept incoming e-mail. Please don’t reply to this message.

I kid you not. They admitted it.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I feel compelled to issue a warning, the next time someone tries to steal my identity, I just might let you keep it. You should really ponder the wisdom behind trying to snatch a frequently broke and often insane woman’s identity. When I think about this logically, I’m actually wasting a great deal of time trying to protect an identity I’d probably be much better off without. In fact, if I were wise, I would actually demand a ransom, and force you to pay me just to take it back.

What makes you  think my identity is going to be any better than yours?  What if it’s even worse?!

A few times I have sat back and thought, so perhaps I should not respond to this threat at all? I mean, if this guy really wants to be “me,” perhaps I should just forward all my bills and assorted other…

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In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: GET UP AND LIVE.

Are you depressed? Are you angry? Are you lonely? Are you disabled? Are you at the point where you don’t know who to turn to?

I do not condemn you. I’ve lived all of it. While I’m still on this earth, I’ll suffer a little bit more. Paul called it all ‘light afflictions’. That’s exactly correct.

We all have two choices: we either sink under the weight of depression, and it kills our spirits, or we fight for our faith. That’s it. I do not condemn you for feeling awful, but if you are a Christian, I do rebuke you if you do not go to God and lay your life out before Him. It is the responsibility of all who believe to do so.

Now turn to the Lord; call on His name, and get up and live.

All right?

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Rejecting Jesus

Well worth remembering.

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

All three of the synoptic gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—recount the parable Jesus told about the landowner who rented out some property to a group of vine-growers. At harvest time he sent a servant to collect what was due him—likely a percentage of the proceeds.

Instead of paying up, the renters beat the servant and sent him away empty handed. The landowner sent another servant and another and more. Some, those vine-growers beat, some they even killed. At last the owner decided to send his son in hopes that the tenants would respect the son.

They didn’t.

Instead they thought they saw an opportunity. If they killed the son, they reasoned, the inheritance would be theirs.

The key points here are these: the people listening to Jesus tell this story, recognized themselves as the bad guys who killed the son; they also missed the part about what happened to the tenants…

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Revelation TV fined for Homophobia

We can discuss this all we like. In the end, if we say we have fellowship with the Lord, we had better be careful about ALL sin. Not just this one, which is a sin against your own body, but all sin. We have to turn away from it. Read John’s letters.


Yesterday we saw how politicians who pass laws which go against Christian social teaching and then promise that of course we will still be free to express disagreement are not to be trusted.  They are incapable of keeping that promise.

Today I want to show further where this is leading. I have been suggesting for some time that the acceptance of different social teachings to those Christian ones upon which our society has been built – would soon result in the Christian teachings being banned.  This was always vehemently denied.  Now – as we saw yesterday this is well under way.

A few years ago I did a debate on Revelation TV with Peter Tatchell.  When we travelled to Malaga to do the debate I wondered why they were based out there.  Part of the reason was the way that things were going in the UK meant that they foresaw…

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