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…and when I woke up, there was no gas!

As ya do in these situations, you realise that when you don’t quite have enough to pay for everything, something has to give! We are called to go through certain struggles to know what it’s like when it goes on … Continue reading

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Discipline. It’s been a long, hard road, these last five years. A long time ago, I warned the Lord that if I didn’t get some sort of help with this dreadful and dangerous trial, it would destroy me. It almost … Continue reading

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Day of disaster? You decide!

In my struggle, if I’ve had a wonderful time with the Lord, and MAN, have I had that, this week :D, I ALWAYS have to pay for it. You’re not getting the details of what I’ve had to endure today. … Continue reading

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All blogged out for today!

Today has been an awesome day. Wish I could have shared a fantastic film with you all. I’ve just watched a fantastic lightning storm from Australia. Man, it was awesome. But why did the storm chasing driver have to say … Continue reading

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Yeah. Gasp! Just got notified, there are now 87 followers to this blog. You are all, ALWAYS welcome, but please remember, this is a Christian blog where I normally try to share Scripture. Sometimes, I share more personal stuff. Please … Continue reading

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He’s the love of my life

I had a lovely day yesterday. Decided to go shopping, so needed to prepare for that. Something I had prayed about arrived in the post! Thank You, Lord ­čÖé My bones hurt. When that happens, it usually means┬áthere’s a change … Continue reading

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I do notice!

More often than not, these days, whenever I visit WordPress, I’ll get an alert (is that the right word) that someone’s been in and liked something, or commented on something. I love the community we’ve got on here and I … Continue reading

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