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Long time coming, but I’ve got to tell you this…

Almost 11 weeks ago, I moved house, and county! No longer living in Norfolk, which I’d done since 1974, I moved just across the border to Suffolk, and a small town I’d never even heard of before looking for a … Continue reading

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Isaiah 60

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Church of England? God help us!

I’ve seen those words a few times now, over the past week: God help us. What does that even mean to anybody any more? They cry God help us whilst walking in ever-increasing sin, and God has had enough. Does … Continue reading

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I’m sorry folks, (for those who live in UK)

A long, long time ago, I came to the same conclusion Clifford Hill has come to. You can’t keep reading and re-reading warnings given in the Bible about sin, and asking why is it happening, and then bribing people with … Continue reading

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John 5…

There was a man who had been waiting for 38 years to get help for a disability. He was so ill, he couldn’t even get to the pool when it was stirred up. What hit me when I read this … Continue reading

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When people lie to us and steal from us, is it a rebuke from God?

Probably! What was our response to that situation? Did we pray, or did we commit Revelation 16:11? Well, what’s my answer? What’s your answer? I’m currently reading Psalm 119…

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Sick, twisted, made up

The last few chapters of Matthew spell out how God put His Son to death. We are reminded how He was mocked, tortured, and hung on that Roman tree of torture. The cross doesn’t symbolise anything to me but torture. … Continue reading

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