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You have to understand

Preaching should cover every instance of what it means to sin, and what to do about sin. It should NOT take one sin and preach on that to the devaluation of everything else. The Bible lists certain sins. All that … Continue reading

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Terrible and frightening

This sermon, preached by John MacArthur speaks of a certain wrath sent by God on a people who have gone astray from His truth and promote unrighteousness. These are those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Read Romans 1. I … Continue reading

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Church of England? God help us!

I’ve seen those words a few times now, over the past week: God help us. What does that even mean to anybody any more? They cry God help us whilst walking in ever-increasing sin, and God has had enough. Does … Continue reading

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I’m sorry folks, (for those who live in UK)

A long, long time ago, I came to the same conclusion Clifford Hill has come to. You can’t keep reading and re-reading warnings given in the Bible about sin, and asking why is it happening, and then bribing people with … Continue reading

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John 5…

There was a man who had been waiting for 38 years to get help for a disability. He was so ill, he couldn’t even get to the pool when it was stirred up. What hit me when I read this … Continue reading

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When people lie to us and steal from us, is it a rebuke from God?

Probably! What was our response to that situation? Did we pray, or did we commit Revelation 16:11? Well, what’s my answer? What’s your answer? I’m currently reading Psalm 119…

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The last three weeks

After everything that’s happened since the move, the only conclusion I can come to is that devious people are the only ones who will ever get justice. Everybody else, including junk like me will only get injustice delivered to us. … Continue reading

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