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John 5…

There was a man who had been waiting for 38 years to get help for a disability. He was so ill, he couldn’t even get to the pool when it was stirred up. What hit me when I read this … Continue reading

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Farage team calls British police officers “embarrassment” after heroic PCs fight off terror attackers

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
After brave police officers fought off terrorists in London – in some cases with their bare hands – they¬†were universally hailed as heroes: Well, not quite universally. Because when it comes to fighting terrorists,…

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Type 1 diabetic left without food and income. New people requesting food parcels. The struggle continues.

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My daughter and I arrived at our weekly demo a few minutes early, it’s always good to get everything set up first so that we aren’t too rushed. Unfortunately my plan was…

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Back Off Our Hospital 

Originally posted on Mama Unexpected:
I wasn’t shocked at all today to read that the hospital, Queen Alexandra in Portsmouth, where my children were born and where Tilly has been cared for many times over the last five years was…

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“Boy, if I only had $700 million dollars, then I would be happy!”

Originally posted on excatholic4christ:
Seven Elevens and Mom and Pop groceries all across the country are doing a brisk business today as customers queue up to purchase tickets for a chance to win tonight’s $700 million, Power Ball jackpot.…

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When people lie to us and steal from us, is it a rebuke from God?

Probably! What was our response to that situation? Did we pray, or did we commit Revelation 16:11? Well, what’s my answer? What’s your answer? I’m currently reading Psalm 119…

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Out and about last Tuesday

There I was, setting off on my third trip out. (By the way, I had my disability scooter stolen recently, so I’m back on the walking treadmill again), and, on the way to Tesco to do some shopping, I spotted … Continue reading

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