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Finally got a house move!

Well, a flat, really. Small rooms, but lovely and easy to furnish and live in. I’m looking forward to having no more trip hazards, or indoor steps! Just one small flight to get up to the place, which will be … Continue reading

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Theresa May Tells Nurses They Are Lucky To Have A Job As She REFUSES To Lift 1% Pay Cap

Originally posted on #LeftGate:
Today, on the 69th birthday of our National Health Service (NHS) the Prime Minister Theresa May took aim at frontline nurses in her responses to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions. In response to…

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Another Housing Scandal brewing?

Originally posted on History Briefing:
Seems like Conservative controlled Kensington ?and Chelsea are trying move to the beleaguered former residents of Grenfell Towers out of the borough? Could this have anything to do with the fact they they lost the…

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