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30 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit

Originally posted on Truth in Reality:
Jezebel is a spirit, but it finds access through uncrucified flesh.¬†¬†Although the Jezebel spirit is described in the Bible as being a woman, it does not actually have a gender. There is no doubt…

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…and when I woke up, there was no gas!

As ya do in these situations, you realise that when you don’t quite have enough to pay for everything, something has to give! We are called to go through certain struggles to know what it’s like when it goes on … Continue reading

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I would never have known…

I would never have understood love if I’d never lived with hate. I would never have known real joy if I’d never known sorrow. I would never have understood deliverance if I’d never faced cursing. I would never have had … Continue reading

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God in three Persons: Blessed Trinity

My Mum needs a new fridge. My husband is in a care home for his safety. I am alone without a car or anyone to help when I need it. I’ve known a bunch of people, who have a radio … Continue reading

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I’m asking the Lord for His provision and He asks: What will you do in return?

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While the world is turning on its axis…

…I’m turning spiritually, and seeing many things unfolding. You all know that we call the gospel the good news, and you all know why. We’ve been taught it by many pastors, who stand in the pulpit, week after week, and … Continue reading

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