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Finding quite a bit of stuff today…

Does your church preach the truth, preach a partial truth, or do you get something else? False gospel isn’t a gospel at all.

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Healing for the subject that gets my goat…

Thanks heaps, Paul…  

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I don’t believe it

While I’m voicing things that either annoy me, or make me angry, here’s something I’m extremely concerned about. I’ve done this too, so don’t think I’m pulling anyone else’s chain. It’s just something that I often thought of, either after … Continue reading

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No more lies

It hasn’t stopped. In all this time, since at least the early to mid-90s, people are still using other people for a spiritual sideshow. They ask if they can pray for your ‘healing’ to give ‘god’ “glory”. Puh-lease. If any … Continue reading

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Trials, and false promises

Back in 2009, I got saved. It was a time of searching about the sin against the Holy Spirit after Mum read me a Scripture that same day. I keep thinking she read something out of Matthew’s gospel, but I … Continue reading

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The false universal message of salvation

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False teachers claim that “Jesus has saved all men”. This is the universal messages of Catholicism. The truth is that all men are lost. If you make this a starting point of your message,…

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The way we can be guilty of worshipping idols

I didn’t realise, before hearing this message just now, that I’ve actually been struggling with past sin. I don’t believe in self forgiveness, but guilt can also play other ugly games with us. Father, please forgive me, and help anyone … Continue reading

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