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The madness of sin 5

“Come out of him” As we progress through Deuteronomy 28, I have to wait on the Lord before I can do each section. It’s only right. This time, we are going to look at something very, very uncomfortable, and something … Continue reading

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The Great Falling Away Is Here

You really should read the following if you’re a believer in the truth… The Great Falling Away Is Here.

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The madness of sin 4

In wrath, remember mercy We now live by grace in the Son of God Who gave His life for us. Those who have gone to Him for mercy have received it. We know God as our Father. The Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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Folks, I’m just waiting to (hopefully!) hear from a church in Texas as I require permission to use something one of their pastors wrote while he was still alive. Once I hear from someone at this church, I’ll be able … Continue reading

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Mark 15

I’ve just been reading about Christ’s last moments on the cross. He cried out, first: Eloi, eloi; lama sabachthani?, which means, My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? After that, the people suggest He must be calling for … Continue reading

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The madness of sin 3

Opening the book The first 14 verses of this chapter remind us of the abundant blessings God would send to Israel for their obedience to Him. Look at what He promises: First of all, Israel would be set “high above … Continue reading

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Just after writing that last page, I’ve had a thought running through my mind: It takes an awful lot of faith to be obedient to God. Jesus said those who loved Him would obey Him. That’s a good thought to … Continue reading

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