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Just some old birds

You just have to read this. Honestly. It will be well worth your time…(see link below) Just some old birds. Advertisements

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I’m home!

I’m sitting here on the verge of tears. Without a church family to belong to, (various reasons), I ache for fellowship. A beautiful comment I’ve just read made me feel very humble. Knowing other Christians are around, even though they … Continue reading

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The Double Positive Game

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The Double Positive Game Sage: “Do you want to play a game?” Casey: “Not really.” Sage: “It’ll be fun!” Casey: “Okay. I guess so.” Sage: “It’s called the Double Positive Game. The last…

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I want them, I want them…

We have wants, and we have needs. We cry our needs and wants to Christ. We plead the Father of lights to bless us in our adversities. To help us in our needs. Christ wants, too. Honest! John 17:24 “Father, … Continue reading

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The light has shone where it once was dark

If we seek  truth, we will be given truth. If we look for wisdom, the Lord promises to give it to us. (James 1:5). Today, I’ve got a rather long reading session in 2 Kings. Chapter 17 gives an awful … Continue reading

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New hearing for Asia Bibi on May 27

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Asia Bibi’s trial has been scheduled again.  What Christians face in Pakistan is and should be unacceptable to the world.   President Obama say’s in his  international speeches…

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Pray For Alireza Seyyedian From Iran Chained For Christ

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Please alert believers everywhere to uplift brother Alireza Seyyedian with prayers and intercession. He has sacrificed his Freedom, Comfort, and family for his love of Christ, Iranian judges…

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