It’s been a busy ole time! I finally got some carpet down throughout the new flat; tidied up a bit and put my studio back in use. Replaced the stolen buggy with another one and have been able to do a tiny bit of exploration of my new home area.

Found a shop last week, and the local bottle bank! Glass jars and bottles need to be disposed of properly if we don’t intend keeping them. So that’s another riddle solved. Apparently, I can recycle old batteries locally too, which is huge. I’ll go and suss that out properly too, hopefully, sometime this week.

We’ve had snow. Loads of big frosts and the weather turned seasonably cold in the last couple of weeks, or so. As I write, we’re exactly a week away from Christmas. Thankfully, we should have church on Christmas Eve, so at least I’ll go into the holidays with being able to worship before everyone hibernates for the next couple of days.

I’ve decided I’ll probably make home made pizza to keep me going next Monday! I cooked fish and chips last year, and that was lovely. I don’t do the rich food thing at Christmas. I’ll treat myself to biscuits and chocolate, but all that extra food? Nah. I don’t need it the rest of the year, so I don’t need it now when I know many people haven’t even got a roof over their heads, never mind all the extras which cause a lot of over-spending that not too many folk can afford any more. I’m extremely thankful to have somewhere to live and keep warm in. The rest is frippery I can manage without. Funny thing: I just don’t know how to answer the “What are you doing for Christmas” question. I get asked every year and stumble over it every year.

What am I supposed to do? Am I odd just for being alone and not worrying about it? I can’t answer that either. All I know is that I’m thankful, and if I found a stranger in need, I’d do everything I could to see to their needs, including hot food.

God has blessed me with a lovely place to live in that I love. I would like to be a part of someone else’s blessing.


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The blog site is up and running. Please feel free to visit if you want to know the Lord. I treasure His Scriptures and pray you do, also. I've been a Christian since October 2009. The Lord saved me that month and has led me through many things in life. The one thing I adore Him for is bringing me the Light of Salvation and for forgiving me my wickedness.
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