There are those who live as if they expect everything to be given to them. There are those who live as if they have a conscience, and try to do their best. There are those who do the right thing, but complain that what they pay out is wrong, because the people who make the charges and set what should be paid in rents and taxes are felons, (I’m serious); and there are those who believe whatever happens, they ain’t worth the effort of saving, however they use that word.

The last one usually spurs from depression.

I was reading a load of comments yesterday, again, about someone caught up in the web of DWP claims for disability. It hurts to know there are genuine people who are only trying to live in a world many of us can no longer afford to live in. So many people fall through the cracks these days, that I suppose, there are no longer ‘cracks’ to fall through, but rather, filthy big holes, because too many of us are losing the fight for survival.

And, it IS survival, folks. I don’t even want to go back to my original hellish life, where all I saw was an endless void of sickness, and a virtually dead health service. The only thing we eventually got was crisis management. It took two strokes and a broken hip for me to finally get the care I required for my husband. This year, I’m just waiting for the ball to drop, telling me the new cost of care, as social care is the latest big news that everyone is complaining about. We all know the NHS is being sold off piece by piece. If anyone doesn’t, they haven’t used it for a very long time, or they gave up like I did after too many foul-ups The latest catchphrase consists of planned mismanagement and, the people are calling the government out for deliberately ruining the bit of NHS we’ve got left before it all goes the way of America’s health system, where, if you can’t afford it, you ain’t gettin’ it, matey. Actually, I don’t have any trouble believing this will happen, if we give it long enough.

That’s enough of a crisis, but there’s another crisis people are complaining about in droves.

Ken Loach, Author of Kes and Cathy, Come Home wrote a story called I, Daniel Blake, delivering his version of what it’s like to be caught up in the benefits system when health fails you, and you suddenly need support. Quite honestly, it’s a very different game to the NHS one. Still very hard to play it, but you do deal with people who either care, and act as human beings should, or, you get a right jobsworth who only sees the rules in front of them. I’ve seen both sides. Three people I could point out immediately, and two others who played by the rules, only. One person, during one of my assessments kept calling me ‘darling’, I don’t remember her ever using my actual name once during that hour-long interview. The man who met and greeted all of us who trudged through the job centre who was especially cheerful, always had a smile on his face and was always approachable. The guy made my day, quite honestly.

One woman, who, upon seeing me and seeing I was way too early for my appointment, told me in no way was I waiting outside in “That weather!” before my actual interview time, set for two hours later. (I was early due to another planned interview to open a new bank account on the same day). Anyway, I was able to get the job centre interview done nice and early. Once you’re in the system folks, you have to follow the rules. Expect nothing but ‘What you see/ what you get’. Just plan to be patient. Oh yes. You’ll need bucketful’s of that. Patience!

So many people try to prime the rest of us to ‘get help’ with form-filling. I didn’t have anyone to go to, so that immediately failed, as in all cases where I ever ask for help. It’s so bad now, I’ve given the game up completely. Like for instance, you’re trying to grab a conversation, so you open with a question. Every single time, I get “I dunno.” After you’ve heard that ad-infinitum – it gets a bit nauseating, quite honestly. Like as if nobody ever went to school and have forgotten how to think – never mind, discuss a simple idea.

Maybe I’m just too ugly to talk to. How do I know? But I get fed right up with “I dunno.” It really does get boring after a while! As does the rip-off rejoinder: “Good luck”, when you’re asking where you can buy certain disability products. But again, we’ll let that pass. It’s the only option I’ve ever got.

So I do know how people come to the conclusion that when they ask for help with their disability claim and get kicked off the system, for some stupid excuse, they feel cheated. This also happens enough for it to have prompted a UN investigation. Apparently, that investigation, along with all the recommendations have been ignored by the current government.

There are various things that this country is fighting for: Our health system; and better help for the disabled. Along with the train service; miners, (yes, that’s still an ongoing fight), and so much else. There’s a planned march over the NHS, being taken to London on 4th March this year. Watch out for it in the news. People are also shouting about pensions and the rights of women to get their pensions at the proper time. ‘Ang on a minute. Men are also worthy of their hire. Just you ask the Lord.

My country is simmering. There are hot, angry crowds of people complaining, but there’s another undercurrent too, which causes two sides of any argument ending up in name-calling and cussing the other person out. This is done by strangers on the Internet who don’t know each other, and will probably never meet each other in real life. They make up assumptions; make a judgement and then, the rage begins. I ain’t joking. It’s so distressing that I have to pull myself away. I’m waiting, as many are, to see what will happen next. My own thoughts were horribly echoed in someone else’s comment and that sent shivers up and down my spine. Meanwhile, there are planned marches to outside Parliament, in London. On the 4th March, the People vs the Government over our NHS. After enough marches; we could end up seeing riots, like we did in the last Tory government. People went mad, then, and it was a nightly news item to see what went up in flames. The 80s were a volatile era that many of us have never forgotten. I’ve lived long enough to see my country come to boiling point many times. We never get anywhere with our complaints and anger. The only way to defuse a situation is to sort out who will rule us at the next General Election.

Some of us are praying about that right now, while we watch the anger rising. How are Christians reacting?


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The blog site is up and running. Please feel free to visit if you want to know the Lord. I treasure His Scriptures and pray you do, also. I've been a Christian since October 2009. The Lord saved me that month and has led me through many things in life. The one thing I adore Him for is bringing me the Light of Salvation and for forgiving me my wickedness.
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