While the world is turning on its axis…

…I’m turning spiritually, and seeing many things unfolding.

You all know that we call the gospel the good news, and you all know why. We’ve been taught it by many pastors, who stand in the pulpit, week after week, and they all say it until it sounds like a mantra. It becomes another habit to reel it off, but folks, it IS good news.

The Bible also holds much bad news. I’m slowly reading through the Old Testament, and there are things in there we have never lived through. Only read about. But there were people in those days who had to live through observing certain commandments, who also had to live a very strict religious life handed to them by Almighty God. If they disobeyed, they were warned of extreme penalties for their wrongdoings. Sometimes, the Lord acted, and people died.

Did you know that being faithless could invoke death? Ever read about what happened to those who brought back a bad report of the promised land, and what happened to them? Go ahead and read Numbers 13, and Numbers 14. It’s frightening. There are more things like that in Scripture. Having doubt in God’s truth instead of faith is a deadly thing to us. You cannot please God if you have no faith. If you doubt Him, then how can He ever help you? You’ll ask for His help in a matter and not get it because you had no faith in His supply.

It really is that simple.

I’m sitting here just chatting, because the world as I see it today is in utter turmoil. In America, there’s been a huge change:


That came as a mammoth shock to everyone. Earlier today, I read this:

If you click that link, someone has said the victory was given by divine intervention, or, God Almighty. People prayed and Donald was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

That’s when things turned bad:

I am also praying for my country. We need a return to the truth and we need people to turn to Christ. Even at this late stage, I do not believe that is out of the question. We need a government who will lead us all in peace and righteousness, and I am not the only one praying for this. Certain vulnerable people need protection, and I am storming the gates of heaven for us all. If us Christians don’t pray – who will? We are in another slice of spiritual change. While the world is in turmoil, the Lord is telling us Christians to remain faithful. Stand firm, as the saying goes. How do we do that? Well, if Christ could remind us of anything, it’s more than likely we need to remember that if we love Him, we will obey Him.

Simple statement, maybe, but it needs backing up with our reaction to it. What will WE do? That matters, folks. It matters that we are obedient.

There’s loads more to say, but I’ll leave you with this: Fact, or fake? More soon.



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The blog site is up and running. Please feel free to visit if you want to know the Lord. I treasure His Scriptures and pray you do, also. I've been a Christian since October 2009. The Lord saved me that month and has led me through many things in life. The one thing I adore Him for is bringing me the Light of Salvation and for forgiving me my wickedness.
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