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This just came to me. Just a short post about Turkish proverbs and how Turks love to use it in every single situation possible. There are hundreds and hundreds of proverbs but I have listed some of my favourite and the proverbs I tend to hear very often.

Ne ekersen, onu bicersin – (You harvest what you sow.) To remind a person that one’s own past actions are responsible for the present situation.

Bekarlik sultanliktir  – (A bachelor feels like a sultan.) Used by bachelors when asked to explain why they are still single.

İmam osurursa cemaat sıçar – (If the imam farts, the congregation will poop.) A leader is a model for his people. Any immoral, illegitimate or illegal deed by him will lead to others follow suit in an amplified way.

Bir elin nesi var, iki elin sesi var – (It takes two hands to make a sound.) Similar to “it…

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