Time to keep a promise!

It’s not far away from three in the morning, here in dear old England! I did have thoughts of slithering off to bed, but since I promised, here is the piece I was awaiting permission to publish here. Massive thanks to Darren from Streetscape Ministries…I’ll just post it verbatim.

Has there ever been a point in History when the church had less power than today?

When I examine the state of our culture today it grieves my spirit to the point of despair. Our culture of self has robbed the church of her power and rendered it totally ineffective struggling to hold on to its former position and old glory as the war rages on losing more and more territory to the enemy everyday. We have lost the traditional family, our schools and our nation to the secular humanist progressive movement. Gone are the days of absolute rights and wrongs, and the days of what ever feels good or is comfortable must be good and therefore right.
The pulpits today are not an enemy of the devil anymore for the most part because preaching has become a profession and a business, truth cant be taught in this system because it will cause controversy and people to stop giving. The business of church has robbed the anointing from the chosen vessel to take the Gospel to the world and it has become in a lot of cases more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong we all allowed this to happen myself included it didn’t happen overnight but through a systematic attack from the enemy slowly changing our thoughts and lifestyle a little at a time until we are no longer effective instead we have became infected by the culture we were sent to bring the message of Christ too.
I want to show you a few points of decline in the church and the reaction in the world at the same time by using some basic examples.
1. The decline of prayer in the church.
When I was first born again the fellowship I was apart of had prayer meetings every Wednesday night and we really prayed often for two or three hours seeking the Lord for direction and answers, people opened themselves up before God and each other and poured out their heart to God and he answered.
We also had home prayer meetings and mens prayer at 6 am every morning during the week, we had relationship we knew one anothers strengths and weakness nothing hid. We also had power from God!
Im not saying it was perfect but it was real most of the modern fellowships there is no prayer most midweek meetings are more for entertainment just simply designed to keep you coming.
The decline of prayer in the fellowship leads to the decline of prayer in the person and in turn the decline in relationship with God. Prayer is not only talking to God but listening to Him sometime just sitting still and quite open to His voice is the best prayer you can have.
We desperately need to join together and pray, real prayer ignites action!
2. Compromised preaching and teaching.
There are a lot of people in the ministry for a job not from a calling and just like in the world people will do what it takes to keep their job, again I say preaching is not a vocation its a calling.
The prosperity gospel puts as many people in danger of hell as muslim teaching, its a man birthed rather than God Breathed doctrine that cheapens the message of the true Gospel. It also creates a false sense of security in the people believing it. The emotions that this type service stirs are simply emotion and nothing more, the truth compromised is no longer truth and just as Jesus said about the salt that lost its savor its useless.
Jesus is a lifestyle not a get rich quick scheme, we should say as Peter said we should be thankful to be found worthy to suffer for Christ sake! Instead our attitude is For Christ sake why should I have to suffer!
Its not just the prosperity message that is compromised but any that take away from what Jesus taught and lived, you should run from anyone that tries to tell you that Jesus really didn’t mean it like that and explain away what He said. Any attempt to lesson the importance of the Word of God is wrong as well as any attempt to water down or explain away.
Men who teach should be held to a higher standard just as the Word states not put into position because of their ease of speech or charisma but because of the evidence of Christ flowing from their life and the clear gifting in them.
Remember a man that speaks truth will not be liked by the ones who hate truth.
3. Lack of Love.
1Corth 13 If you have not love you have nothing.
The modern church lacks love true love, Jesus loves without reservation and he loves without condition. James 2:14-17 Faith without works is dead just like words without action are the modern church spends for more time effort and money on itself than it does the lost or the poor and sick, billions are spent on fancy buildings, programs, retreats and salaries pennies in comparison are spent on evangelism, relief, hunger or the sick. This is a lack of love or an abundance of self love. How can this happen when there is so much need just outside the doors, When I traveled teaching outreach several years back I always asked this question wherever I spoke, if your church closed tomorrow how long would it take for your town to realize that you were gone? A fellowship of true believers make an impact on their community by simply living their faith as the Word says you will know then by their love!!
Second part of this is the lack of love in the body itself.
Far to often its easier to find love and concern in a local bar or pub than in the local church house, I know this sounds crazy its true there is a local bar case in point that is always having fundraisers for cancer patients or people whos house burned or had unexpected horrible events in their life and every Saturday their is different churches collecting money at the stoplights for their building funds or youth trips instead of helping the hurting often time even in their own congregation again this is self love instead of selfless love.
Unforgivness and jealousy are often found lingering in our fellowships as well, we kill our own wounded many times just for the sake of believing we are right and they are wrong. Brothers there is not a crown in heaven for kicking the wounded if a brother stumbles we should have mercy and help him get up not pile on the self righteous mountain to be king of the hill. IF you hurt I should hurt and vice versa. I have been the one who stumbled and felt the wrath of religion when the balm of mercy should have been applied, sadly I have been the foot that kicked a fallen brother as well and have repented, because of this even though I speak hard messages I am slow to judge, we must restore love to the body.
Reaction in the world
1. The church has less influence than any other point in history, this nation has turned its back on God and the church still thinks this land is a Godly nation.
Abortion rates climb every year and abortion itself is held as a right that cannot be challenged, we have lost the fight and sadly have accepted this fact and moved on but as long as we are comfortable we feel like its okay. What we should be asking is does God say its okay? Pray about that and see what the answer is, the killing of the innocents is an abomination to God we must admit our failure and seek power from God to change this!
2. The destruction of marriage and the family.
Gay rights is the flavor of the day in our land and if you don’t agree than you are a hater and a bigot in the worlds eyes. So instead of taking a stand for what is right the modern church is adjusting itself and preaching to not offend therefore justifying the sin by proxy and helping farther destroy the sanctity of marriage and the family as God intends. This constant go along to get along doctrine has taken us to a new level of low and it will not stop with the gay marriage. The enemy knows that he can destroy with a slow and steady process just like a diease as long as nobody takes a stand he can continue unabaided toward his goal.
We need men to stand and say its wrong and we will not bow down to evil nor take part with it!
The reason we don’t see it there is so much sin in the house that we have grown accustomed to and take part in and justify by watering down the preaching so not to offend.
The divorce rate is the same in the church as it is in the world this is a result of compromise and more fuel to destroy the family, we must turn this around.
3. Our society is jaded and self centered.
We suffer as a nation from a lack of basic love for life, being greedy and self centered is celebrated as well as the love of money and things. Spend a little time on any social media with your spiritual eyes open and see how most are obsessed with making themselves look better than they are by posting every detail of their life, constantly uploading new profile pics or should I say selfies as a matter of fact that word selfie makes me sick, how did we get here? Endless self promotion is the normal behavior of today if half the time wasted on this were spent helping others we would see a drastic change in our land!
Im going to stop here for today but will put out part 2 shortly
Darren Smith
Streetscape ministries



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  1. Great message speaking the truth. Now go to bed, Jen. Lol.

  2. tellthetruth1 says:

    No, you’re JOking. I can leave, now?

    That’s it. I’m outa here 😉 Sees y’all soon 🙂 xx

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