2 Samuel

Chapters 6-8 are incredible.

I am using a daily reading plan from Bible Gateway which takes me through the Bible in a year. I’m currently reading through 2 Samuel, and today’s chapters are amazing.

In chapter 6, we see David dancing before the Lord. One of Saul’s daughters, Michal, was angry when she saw him dancing. David eventually comes to bless his household, as it says in the Scriptures. Michal rebukes him for his dancing, accusing David of ‘being vulgar’ in front of the slave girls. She forgets Who has eyes and ears, and spoke foolishly. The Scriptures afterwards reveal that she was never given children.

If we speak in error, without remembering Who watches and hears us, there’s always a price to pay.

God is not mocked.

Chapter 7 reveals David’s heart, in that he wanted to make a dwelling place for the Lord, which he considered better than the tent which covered the Ark of the Covenant.

God comes to David later on, after Nathan says that whatever is in David’s heart to do, he should go ahead for the Lord was with him.

God gives Nathan a message for David, to pass on to him. In this message, God reveals something so powerful, I wonder if these two understand the message given. It’s the revealing of Christ, when He comes. God says of this One, “I will be to Him a father, and He shall be my Son.”

What an amazing revelation!

If you could do with a Bible reading plan for yourselves, try here:

Bible Gateway

It really is very good.




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