Persecution either may be, or is already upon us…

I have just read a very disturbing piece of news from Mail Online. Now, before anyone starts shooting their mouths off, as we are all too prone to do, it would be better to see what actually happens with this, and who is telling the truth.

Here is the news link. It seems that trouble is slowly escalating over in East Ukraine, and again, the Jews are seemingly being targeted.

There is a picture of the pamphlet, supposedly sent to Jewish people, and it has been translated into English within the news piece.

John Kerry has spoken out against it.

QUOTE FROM PAGE: “Although the leaflets were signed by Donetsk People’s Republic, its leader denied any involvement in the matter and says the leaflets are fake.”

There are reasons given about why the leaflets are fake. Whatever has truly happened, we must watch, pray and, if we share this news, for goodness sake, look for the TRUTH, not hearsay.

Christ warned of times to come that the world has never seen before, and that would never be seen again. (Matthew 24:21). Well, we have seen something like this before, which culminated in WW2. Read Christ’s teachings in Matthew 24; Luke 21 and Mark 13 to get your spiritual bearings.

I don’t know what we might see after this, folks, but for those who pray, seek the Lord on this news, please. And if you share, please do it wisely.


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