Quotes part 3

This is the final list of quotes from the video, ‘What happens when you die?’

21: That’s a good question. I don’t know. Do you know the answer? Can you fill me in? Maybe one day, I’ll find out…

Oh boy! This man is stuttering throughout his reply. He looks and sounds terrified of the question. I wonder if he’ll ever think any further about what he’s been asked?

22: (Giggles), No idea.

So sad. They probably don’t want to know at present. But this is something nobody can deny. We’re all going to die unless the Lord returns first. We truly need to be prepared for what’s ‘next’, for there is a ‘next’ part. And how.

23: Judgement day? Maybe I’ll go to heaven, maybe I’ll go to hell. If I have good works, I will go to heaven, if I have bad works, I will go to hell.

This is borne out by what we’ve already seen (above) in Matthew 25. Other Scriptures also give the truth of what he said. But he’s not a believer in Christ Jesus. He talks as if he’s asking a question. He’s not standing in belief. Here’s a question: does he go to church anywhere? If so, he needs to be made aware by at least the pastor, that, if he has sat under the gospel teaching for any length of time, and if he has tasted of the heavenly gift and yet spurned it, Hebrews 6 and 10 give terrifying Scriptures as to what happens to such people. Folks, we need to get into the Scriptures so that we can warn of these things. No sinner is going to worry about sinning against the Holy Spirit, however. A person without Christ doesn’t know God well enough to be acquainted with the Holy Spirit. But if this soul has heard anything of God and seen His Holy Spirit at work in the church, he needs to read chapters 6 and 10 of Hebrews and get himself before God as soon as he can and repent. Folks, this is serious stuff.

24: Back into the universe(?) Recycled. Star stuff. No heaven, no hell, no god to tell me what to do.

This reminds me of that Scripture: We will not have this man to rule over us. (Luke 19:14). One day, whenever it comes, there will no longer be a silent God. He will rule in the heavens at last and all will fall down before Him and do His bidding. We pray: Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Well one day, that’s exactly what will happen. For us, it should be a pleasure to serve the Lord. For those outside of Christ, their day is coming when they will be forced to bow before the King of kings and Lord of lords. Who would rather bow before Him now, while there is still time to be willing to do it?

25: There’s no god with whom you can have a relationship. And if you believe in reincarnation, and if you didn’t get to nirvana, you just keep on going for it.

Say Nirvana to me and I think of the pop group! Other than that, it means nothing to me. So I won’t try to explain it. All I care is that God is still on His throne. He rules and what He says, goes. I’ve given enough Scriptures to show the afterlife. All these words come from our Maker and Creator. He knows what He’s talking about. I’d rather have a God Who didn’t tell lies, try to sweet-talk me, or get my attention through fancy or funny means. He lives, He rules and He has spoken. He has warned us of the wrath to come and how to avoid it. He has warned of Death and He has offered Life. Choose Life, if you have your wits about you.

26: You go to heaven, if you’re good.

“When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid.” We have no inner goodness. We are not born good and we are not made good. Our goodness is nothing but filthy rags in God’s sight if we don’t have Christ. It is Christ Who justifies, sanctifies, glorifies. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. Without repentance, there can be no forgiveness. Read through the book of Romans. It will blow you away!  Are you coming to seek out Christ and His righteousness? Call upon Him and He will show you the richness of life with Him. He offers abundant life. If He forgives you and you are truly saved, even though the cares of this world may try to drag you down, you will know the peace of God as He walks you through whatever trials you may face. Imagine having to go through trials without Him. You may have already been through much heartache. With no God to call upon, life’s hardships can truly bring us down. But with Christ at our side, we are strengthened to live through the pains we have to endure. Even though the world may forsake us, Christ has promised that He will never forsake us or leave us. Do you feel a need to run to Christ Jesus? Then do so now. Fall on your face before Him if you want, or kneel, or sit, or even stand. How do you want to pray? Were you taught to put hands together and close your eyes? Or are you more comfortable looking up into the sky? It doesn’t matter. Just get alone with God. Talk to Him. If you need His forgiveness, ask for it. He will hear and forgive as according to 1 John 1:9. Do you need His advice? Ask for wisdom according to James 1:5-8, reading the Scriptures. He will guide you to whatever you need for whatever you need it for! Do you want to be close to Him? Seek Him out in prayer and reading the Scriptures. Give Him your worship, which can be in reflection of Scriptures you’re read, or singing, or just sitting quietly before Him. He desires to be close to each of His children. And He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, 2 Peter 3:9.

Seek Him out. Worship, praise, exalt the Living God, for He seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and truth, John 4:23-24.

27: You have to be born again and repent of your sins.

Yippee! That’s right. I truly hope she has.

28: Why am I dying? I wanna have an ice cream.

There’s a bit more before that, but here’s the truth, people seek that which they know. They want the pleasures of this world, but not the promises for the next. Christ doesn’t excite them. An ice cream is tasty, exciting and speaks of gorgeous hot weather. If only this man realised the wrath of God that’s coming. One of the seven plagues is the burning sun, causing misery to all who will refuse to worship God in the time of His wrath. That is going to be the most appalling time man will ever see. The unsaved really do not know what’s coming for them. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation and all the prophets mean nothing to anyone outside of Christ. They really don’t get what’s coming.

29: Heaven is a state of mind. So, when you die, it continues until you reach the point… It’s indefinite… It’s infinity.

Infinite. Definition: Limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.

Looking at this, all this woman can imagine is endless ‘space’. Does she think that she will end up in limitless ‘space’? Actually, the Bible defines heaven as a place made and prepared by God for His people. He describes a New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven. He describes a new heaven and new earth with the coupler: for the old things have passed away and behold, the new has come! So there is an actual place where the people of God will go to live out their Eternity. It will be heaven, for their King will rule there. It will be bliss, for their hearts will be able to worship their beloved Saviour Who will remain unseen no longer. He will be in our presence and we will be in His, never to be separated again. It’s delightful to us. Our Father will be with us, as will His Beloved Son, and we will live in the Light of His Glory for ever and ever.

People talk about us sitting on clouds playing harps and think that’s boring. I can see their point! I’d want to be doing other things too, like talking to God about His creations and sharing in the enjoyment of them. I’d want to be spending time with Him, sharing in all the new things He would want to teach me. I hope there’ll be work to do! I hope there’ll be a time of settling in and visiting with everyone from the Bible and those who have believed since that most Beautiful of Books was written. It’ll be a time of excitement in that we’ll have the full use of our minds, with bodies that will never age or wear out again. We won’t need food to live, or water. Stomachs will no longer be a part of our body! It’s going to be the most amazing time getting used to all of this. Getting used to seeing God as He really is and living in His holy and glorious light. There will be no need for sun and moon for our light will come from the Lord Himself. Imagine that, no sun! No Moon! No seas. Whatever will God’s house look like with its ‘many mansions’? For those who are looking forward to such pleasures, God bless you. To those who are unsure, come to Christ and be made welcome to enjoy His promises. Repentance has great merits. The Gift of God and worshipping Him is too beautiful to allow it to pass you by. Don’t let Him pass you by. Stop Him, call out to Him while there’s still time. Then know that you can enjoy His faithful promises of redemption, newness of life even now while you wait for His return, and full deliverance that comes with His return. We’ve got a beautiful God to worship. Make Him yours and worship with us.

30a: You graduate when you die, and all you do is move to another body.
30b: And Jesus Christ doesn’t make any difference?
30c: Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Good grief! Is that what people think? Obviously, yes. What arrogance! I’d very much hate to be in this woman’s shoes on judgement day. I hope she thinks again about true salvation, if she’s ever thought about it at all?

31: If I had an idea, I probably wouldn’t be walking the streets of Birmingham.

I really don’t ‘get’ where this thought is taking us. Perhaps this man sees life as a waste? He has no purpose? I thank God that Christians have their purpose here on earth. We are to spread the good news of Christ to as many as we can in whatever way we can. There truly is a feeling of being lost if you’re without Christ. Before He saved me, I had absolutely no purpose in life. I thought I had enjoyments, but they became entrapments. No worldly pleasure can ever come up to the value of Christ. He puts value on a person’s life, their spiritual wellbeing, and their eternal wellbeing are His priorities. No-one in the world can do for a person what Christ does for us. As I’ve said many times: I don’t know how anyone could live in this world, the way it is, now, without Him.

32: Oh gosh that’s easy. I’ll go to heaven to be with my Lord!

Thank God! That’s one of the best responses.

33a: It could be confusing, I’m totally Jewish so this is like…it’s called Judaism…I can’t do this…
33b: Do you know Jesus Christ as Lord?
33c: No, not at all.
33d: And you don’t?
33e: No. Not even a little bit. You’re talking to a table full of Jewish people. So, no, we don’t, I’m sorry. You might wanna check that table, (points to her right).

Wow! All Jewish and they don’t recognise Christ as their Saviour. That’s bad. From a holy nation, us Jews have spurned our Lord time after time, incurred His great displeasure time after time, enjoyed His providence and forgiveness time after time, and still there are those who refuse to welcome Him. That’s is so desperately sad.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. (Matthew 23:37).

34: Well, when you die, if you’ve lived a right life for the Lord and are redeemed, you’ll go to heaven.

Ah! Another Brother. Thank God for him.

35: What happens to you when you die? You never die, brother! (Laughs).

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. (1 Corinthians 15:22). Adam sinned when Eve enticed him after the serpent had enticed her. They brought sin into the world and death reigned from then on. After Christ’s Sacrifice, all who come to Him are given the promise of eternal life. Those who are faithful will inherit the kingdom of heaven. All who are unfaithful will get their reward, which won’t be heaven.


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