Quotes part 2

Here is the second set of quotes:

11: What happens when you die? Nothing. You’re dead! I don’t believe in heaven, I don’t believe in hell, I don’t believe in reincarnation, I think that’s the end of the journey.

Phew! He couldn’t be more wrong. Quote 6!

12: I don’t know. I assume you go to heaven, I don’t know.

Nothing can be ‘assumed’. First, you have to repent! (Mark 1:15). Repentance means confessing your sins to God and turning from the sinful life of non-worship to asking His forgiveness. Whoever goes to Christ for forgiveness shall never be turned away. (John 6:37).

13: You would hopefully go to heaven, I don’t know.

How sad. See above quote. You know what? This is a desperately sad video. But for those who love the Lord, this should set the rest of us to sobbing for the lost and bringing Christ to whoever we can. Can we definitely say we love the Lord if we never share Him with anyone? See Matthew 25:14-30.

14: You go six feet under? I don’t know.

These are starting to get rather repetitive now, but we see the thread that’s emerging. See above Scriptures for reference as to what really happens.

15: Well if you’re bad you go to hell, and if you’re good you go to heaven.

That sounds a bit hopeful. Sadly, he doesn’t sound as if he’s speaking from experience as a believer.

16: It’s not up to me. The Lord died on the cross for our sins. Hopefully, I’ll go to be with my Saviour.

Well, if this lady truly believes in the Lord’s saving grace, she’ll never be ashamed of her belief. See John 6:37.

17: That’s a good question. Nobody ever came back to tell me what happens.

Above Scriptures tell us all what happens. I pray He might see this list.

18: You get judged by God on how you’ve lived your life.

Oh, that’s a definite. We all stand before Him, whoever we are. I wonder who told her that truth? I wonder if she believes to the salvation of her soul? I sadly doubt it. There would have been a sparkle for the Lord if she knew Him.

19: You just believe in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and that’s the way to go to heaven.

Well, thank God! That’s more like it.

20: My spirit lingers on, on this earth.

That sounds like a haunting. I’m not being funny; many people think this way. But if anyone believes in anything to do with the occult, they are barred from heaven, especially if they are playing with demons, as such people do. I’ve known someone who spoke of calling up the devil. Friends, nobody in the world realises just how dangerous that is. It should make our guts clench to hear that kind of speech. It’s no wonder Christ sent His disciples out in pairs when He told them to cure the sick, drive out demons and raise the dead. We’re dealing with spiritual entities, whatever we believe. Sadly, those in the world just don’t realise the true danger. God absolutely detests any dealings with what we call the underworld. Be certain. God hates it. He knows exactly what demons can, have, and do, do to people. Take God’s word for it, dealing with occultism is evil. Many Scriptures in both Testaments prove God’s loathing for this practice.


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The blog site is up and running. Please feel free to visit if you want to know the Lord. I treasure His Scriptures and pray you do, also. I've been a Christian since October 2009. The Lord saved me that month and has led me through many things in life. The one thing I adore Him for is bringing me the Light of Salvation and for forgiving me my wickedness.
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